Turbo Tach

Turbo Speed Indicator

Monitoring compressor wheel speeds is critical to extracting maximum efficiency and performance
from your turbocharged engine. The "Turbo Tach" is a state-of-the-art opto-electric device for tracking
turbo speeds to 300,000+ RPM. The digital display box can be placed on a dash board top for in car
use or on a dyno console. The "Turbo Tach" is being used by Major Turbo Manufacturers, Race Teams
and Gasoline and Diesel Engine Developers and Manufacturers around the world.

Some of the Major Features of the Turbo Tach Include:

  • Cigarette Lighter Adapter or 12V Battery Powered

  • Analog or Digital Output for Datalogger Hookup

  • Designed for Harsh Environments

  • Clear Display of Turbo RPM

  • Not Affected by RFI

  • Fiberoptic Sensor

  • Easy Installation

  • Compact Size

  • Light Weight

Pricing Information

Turbo Speed Indicators
     Standard System w/Readout Box $1670.00
         Optional 4.5 digit display for indicating up to 350,000 RPM $100.00
     Compact Indy Car Style Single Box System (No Readout Box)       $1670.00
Recommended Spare Parts:
     Light Emitter Assembly (spare) $75.00
     Fiber Optic Cable for Turbo Speed Indicator (spare) $300.00

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